How you let 7107 let you down

The producers of 7107 Music Festival recently released “Phase 2” of their performers and a lot of people are disappointed.

After inducing a much-welcomed freakout by bitchslapping us with Red Hot Chili Peppers and others for their Phase 1 reveal, more than 71 thousand people flocked to the producer’s Facebook page to play what seemed to be a never-ending guessing game as to who will banner Phase 2.

The chase

7107 teased potential patrons with Instagramed photos of lyrics, and with each post, some super fan, real or not, died and/or peed a little bit inside.

By December, 7107 kept on dishing out “specials” for bulk sales and holiday deals. Naturally, fans got impatient.

“Yeah and you guys still didn’t release the Phase 2 lineup,” one fan said on December 29.

Phase 2

And so with fans whining in social media about how the producers are holding out too long for their “next reveal”, 7107 quietly released Phase 2 this week. Who’s bannering Phase 2? Kanye? Jay? Tool?

Sorry, honey. No.


Yes, Kaskade. Oh, and for some consolation, there’s Kendrick Lamar.

ImageAre you ok?

It’s everyone’s fault (or nobody’s), really

It feels natural to join the legions of music aficionados who are condemning the organizers for “taking them for a ride”.

But that would be unfair.

Those disappointed got on the joyride. Perhaps some more discerning people waited for “Phase 2” before purchasing tickets. Some bought immediately, blinded by Red Hot, thinking that if 7107 can haul such a huge act over, it wouldn’t be difficult to assume that more are coming.

They fed their minds with the Phase 2 guesses splashed all over the comments section on the event’s Facebook page.

Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Lorde, Blink, Greenday, Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Frank Ocean and Drake were some of the names dropped…

… by fans.

How it would have worked

In my most humble opinion, 7107 would have worked if:

1. They invested the way they wanted the concertgoers to invest

7107 wanted the producers to have tens of thousands of people fork out 20 and eight thousand pesos to witness their spectacle. It didn’t matter that part of their target market had the starting salary of 16-18 thousand pesos fresh out of college. Perhaps they thought that’s what parents are for. I mean, their parents must know RHCP. Surely, they’d understand.

7107 had an amazing idea. They also targeted the perfect market. The variety in their lineup meant that it appealed to a wide range of people, from college kids to twenty-something fresh yuppies to 40 and even 50-something aware people who have money to blow. That’s what? The A and B crowd.

The problem was that the producers failed to remember that the A and B crowds are also demanding crowds. They’ve watched concerts here and abroad. Their Facebook feeds have been flooded with Coachella posts from their cousins and friends in the States. They probably watched F1 races in Macau and Singapore.

In short, they know what their money’s worth.

Photos with song lyrics wouldn’t cut it, especially to a more discerning audience.

2. The organizers saw sponsors and food commissaries as partners, not cash cows

This writer has been informed that 7107 asked eight digits for sponsorship deals for two days of exposure. How many TV and print ads can you buy with that? How many social media campaigns can you run with that? How many UAAP athletes can you get to endorse your product for a year or two with that? The Teng brothers are making an issue about Big Macs vs Double Cheeseburgers and they’re getting paid for that for a fraction of what 7107 wants its sponsors to cough up.

If, like the organizers, you want to make money out of the concertgoers, you can opt to drop 70 thousand pesos to sell food. You can rent a whole kiosk in a high foot traffic place in Manila for a whole month with that.

3. They managed expectations of everybody (including theirs)

Contrary to what the organizers thought, money won’t just keep flowing in, especially after the delay in the release of Phase 2. The delay in divulging Phase 2 artists only meant one thing: they didn’t have a lineup worth salivating over.

Also, if I borrow the meaning of “international” from, say, international schools, there should be more “international” people than local, whether or not you follow the 51% rule or 50%+1 rule. Someone from Twitter asked the organizers:

“More local artists than foreign? Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?”

The organizer’s reply?

“We’ve always wanted to support local talent.”

Yaserious, bro?

Check out the “Sponsors” tab of their website and you will see so many…

… media partners.

They posted one photo of Smart’s sponsorship contract only a little over a month prior to the event. Maybe they reminded Smart of the campaign they did for the telco giant years ago, when they brought Lupe Fiasco and Jermaine Dupri over to perform at the Iphone 4S launch. Before that? Nada. If I were the organizers, I’d be so disappointed.

For how many friends and business partners that flock their establishments and grace their events, nobody trusted them with that eight figure price?

Comb twitter for posts about the event and you will see a buttload of celebrities asking you to buy tickets. Did those people even buy tickets or gratis lahat yon?

Mixed emotions

I can’t help but have mixed emotions for the organizers. It takes a lot of balls to organize something this big. It was a gamble on their part, and in a way, it’s admirable to see a group of people imagine something of this magnitude “for us”. But concurrently, I am disappointed that they wasted this opportunity. They could have secured quality talent by getting commitments from sponsors if they didn’t charge so much.

They minimum complianced their way into this project, hoping that all their ultra marketing plan would pull them through. But this week, they had a slice of humble pie, admitting that there isn’t anybody better besides Kaskade and Kendrick Lamar.

That weekend

Perhaps Red Hot will pull them through. Perhaps not. Perhaps the the concert venue will be so full, we’d be rubbing elbows with the same people we see at Republiq or Saguijo. Perhaps it will be half empty and people will have a place to play frisbee.

Perhaps the organizers don’t care because they have enough friends to fill up the VIP tables. Perhaps the NBI will be there since it has been suggested that the event is bankrolled by Napoles money. Perhaps 7107 will make enough money to actually donate proceeds, as they originally marketed.

Did anyone even ask how much of the proceeds are actually going to typhoon victims? Or do we not care?

Basta meron.

That’s how we justify going to this concert. “Part of the proceeds will go to charity,” they said.

What part? One percent? Two percent? Gross or net?

That’s the problem here. We never bothered to ask the relevant questions.

In the end, I hope we all see this as a learning experience. We should be aware about what we are going to buy, and not be swayed by photoshopped and filtered promises. Concert producers should also learn that you absolutely get what you give. If they give the minimum, that’s the same reaction they’ll get from the people. “Underwhelmed” is the word going around Twitter for now. Potential concertgoers will shy away because of the lackluster lineup. The organizers would have to offer the early bird prices till kingdom come.

Truth be told, a little honestly would have gone a long way. I would have spent 1k for a double dose of UDD and Ron Poe anyway. – RAF

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60 thoughts on “How you let 7107 let you down

  1. Dustin says:

    Good write-up! One of the best, and at least unbiased write-up I have seen. Something not fueled with some emotional ranting only. Kudos dude!

  2. […] expecting to be treated to a show worth the 8.5k-25k they spent for it and are no left with an underwhelming lineup that is nowhere near as exciting as was previously promised.  They pulled what is basically a bait […]

  3. Jap says:

    just go to Malasimbo.

  4. This seems to be wee bit of a flame post to the event IMO. I don’t think there has been a bigger festival of this sort to come to the PH, we should consider ourselves lucky that these artists would even come to our country – remember that rhcp has been invited to play in our country numerous number of times and only now they have accepted.

    At the end of the day, organizers and politics dont matter – we all come to these gatherings to listen to some damn good music. By the looks of it, there’ll be sh*tloads to listen to come February!

    • Anon says:

      You really think this is about politics? Even without the Napoles issue, people will still be grilling this event. I am indifferent to the Napoles 7107 brouhaha, yet here I am willfully spending energy trying to voice out my disappointment with the lineup. I bought TWO tickets worth TWENTY THOUSAND FUCKING PESOS for an “INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL.” Do you think that the “we should just be thankful RHCP is even going here, it doesn’t happen everyday” psychology is going to console me?

      • Onna says:

        I agree Anon. It’s like saying, “Let’s be thankful because RHCP will come here in the Phil. and just shut up?” C’mon there are a lot of people who bought those “golden tickets” using their hard earned money and just say “buti nga pupunta dito RHCP.” Tsk tsk tsk…

    • RHCP wil be coming because of “part of proceeds will go to Yolanda victims”. it is sad to say that they even used the Yolanda Victims to bait RHCP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s true. Napoles is really behind this, even though the 7107 people are telling people otherwise. These 7107 people have approached influential people asking if they want a cut, in exchange of their money. What I don’t understand is that why 7107 aimed for HUGE names such as Ellie or Jay. Why didn’t they opt to go for medium sized yet great acts? Kings of Convenience, perhaps?

    Oh, and about those promos. Ever wonder why there were/are a ridiculous amount of promotions? Buy 2 take 20% off? Or those insane flash deals? It’s because the people that 7107 approached said they weren’t interested. Yes, 7107 was planning on getting those big acts, but they had no money to book them. That’s why there are so many sales and flash deals.

    I made the mistake of buying 7107 tickets, and sadly, there’s a no refund policy. Oh well.

  6. Lou says:

    I would like to enlighten you that Kaskade, is without a question, a headliner-worthy act. He is capable of selling out arenas, like he did the Barclays Center in New York a few months ago. Also, why don’t you cut the organizers of 7107 some slack as it obviously hasn’t ripen yet. It’s their first year after all. For your enlightenment, coachella encountered major setbacks on their first few years. It was so bad that the event organizers couldn’t even pay the artists that play the event. But we all know that Coachella have progressed and is currently one of the world’s most sought after music festivals.

    Ranting is unnecesary in this case. Especially, when it lacks juice and when the writer is not informed with the essential backstories to the aforementioned events, artists, etc.

    To make life simpler, if you don’t like the artists, don’t buy a ticket.

    • 1. Except that Kaskade has been here before. More than once, I believe.
      2. Given what happened this time, I opt not to compare 7107 to Coachella. Yet.
      3. You’re right. If you don’t like the artist, don’t but a ticket. Except most people went for the bait, bought the ticket, and were left underwhelmed.

      Thanks for your enlightening comment. 🙂

    • Alexa Ramos says:

      Yeah he is a headliner worthy act only I’ve seen him play in Greenbelt for FREE during Globe’s 4S launch and again in Republiq.

    • Anonymous says:

      kaskade comes to Ph every year!

  7. passerby says:

    “In my most humble opinion, 7107 would have worked if:”

    “But concurrently, I am disappointed that they wasted this opportunity.”

    It hasnt even started. maybe this would be relevant/valid AFTER the event and IF it becomes a FLOP. some weird stroke of luck might actually turn it into a stellar success.

    Good day to ya’ll!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is the first time I’m saying something about 7107 in the interwebs. This comment is first-hand information since I have previously worked with the company/people I’ll be mentioning.

    I pity those thinking Kaskade is a consolation since the public is being tricked that the concert producers are able to seal deals with big acts… STYLES ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is the company who brought Kaskade here before and is also behind 7107 now. They have been bringing international DJs to the country for years but that wasn’t easy for them at all. The owner of the company, Jon Herrera, mostly brings those who he has current ties with or knows someone who is close to whoever artist he’s bringing. It is a long shot for them to book a lot of good artists if they only rely on people they know or think they know, and no matter how rich you are it’s just impossible to have connections with everyone. That being said, I’m assuming Kaskade is a last minute contact since they have already built rapport with him and his manager.

    The brainchild of 7107 though is JM Pio Roda. He’s a Filipino but have been in the country just a little over a year to work on this music festival. He was based in Canada where he was also a producer, under SUPREME TALENT AGENCY, and have booked artists. I have no idea who and how big the acts he has booked before though so his previous experience may or may not be enough.

    The festival was actually supposed to happen last November 2013 but they weren’t able to book the artists they were eyeing hence the 3 month delay. Their original lineup was superb to say the least, truly the biggest festival that would’ve happened here but again it’s not the promise but the delivery that matters. If only they weren’t so ambitious and tried to book international artists that are not that big the event would’ve been successful.. I am still hoping that the festival would not be such a flop and that next year’s lineup will be something I’ll willingly pay 20k for.

  9. Jon says:

    Hey Lou,

    I suggest you go back to primary school and work on your grammar problems before defending your precious 7107. Not hating, just saying. Kung hindi mag tagalog ka nalang brad. You’re just embarrassing yourself. Cut yourself some slacks man. The nerve.

  10. rmurquico says:

    I say it’s still cool. I bought tix for RHCP and Empire of the Sun (and the high school part of me is all: hmm, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus). I think they’re worth it. I’m not a Kaskade or Kendrick Lamar fan but I figure I can chill during their sets.

    Besides, 4k (a day) for two days of great international and local music and a great experience doesn’t seem like much.

    I’ve paid more to watch a band for two hours. I feel bad for people who were underwhelmed and disappointed, and feel for them. Hindi ka kasi nakakapulot ng P8500 ng basta basta! We should just make the best of the situation. I just hope they don’t follow the tried and true route of overpriced booze and food at the venue. Think of it this way. If this event is a success, it paves the way for more overpriced concerts in the future!

    Personally, the atrocious amount they’re charging for parking pisses me off more than the entrance fee!

    • red says:

      but in actuality, your not watching a show for only 10k or 20k for two days. You have to gas up to get there, or commute, get accommodation and food. Yeah you could save by going as a group but still, 2 days? you might spend more than you anticipate.

      • rmurquico says:

        I get what you mean, but we do have a place to crash in Pampanga and the 10k covers our gas/food. (We got a discount on the ticket prices during the Christmas promo). My point is, it’s something I am willing to spend for. I love the bands. I’ve spent more to attend a two-hour show. Since I live in Baguio, that always includes transpo and a place to stay. So, yes, I do get the whole budget thing. I get why people would be underwhelmed, or disappointed, but the thing is, no one’s forcing you to buy a ticket. No one’s forcing you to spend the money. No one’s forcing you to go.

  11. Kai says:

    I bought a ticket because the price was good enough for a two-day concert, and I thought that the original list of artists is already worth the price. It may have been a different case for others, but I wouldn’t go out and say sayang yung pera as early as now. I’ll have a better justified reason to say that once I’ve actually attended the 2-day event and makita kung ano ang mangyayari. I’m saving my opinion for later. 🙂

  12. FCP says:

    I agree with the others who are saying not to declare it a flop until the festival is actually over and done with. I bought my ticket during their Christmas sale, which was 25% off of the 8500php. To be honest, they already had me at RHCP; I’ve been waiting for them to come here. I had paid 8k worth of ticket to a 1.5 hour, one-night concert in Manila before, so my thinking was it wasn’t such a splurge since I’ll be seeing more than just one act — hell, it’s a 2-day music event! I do think, however, that the Php20k VIP is a complete outrage.

    I do feel for those who got a little over-excited and bought a ticket expecting a “bigger” Phase 2 lineup. To people who think they’ve been duped, I don’t think their marketing ever really implied that they were bringing in those rumored international acts that turned out to be just that – mere rumors — it’s the patron’s responsibility to figure that out for themselves.

    Now if the festival proper becomes a complete fiasco – overpriced drinks, clueless ushers, stuck up organizers who don’t address any unprecedented problems on-site among attendees, then declare it a flop by all means.

    P.S. I’d pay over Php5k to see UDD + Sago anytime.

    • Anon says:

      They initiated the rumors. They dropped “hints” and teasers in the form of lyric photos and what not. And then they left the public to decide for themselves. They basically watched all of us make a fool of ourselves.

      Now, they have started deleting the hint bombs they published. Better take screenshots before everything’s gone.

      • FCP says:

        Okay, I think it’s my fault that I didn’t care much for the lyric photos they released, mainly because I didn’t recognize some of them, which were mainly due to my being a non-fan. But now that you mentioned it, there’s a fault there that the organizers should own up to. For all we know, the swirling rumors from “fans” could also be a mktg strategy that they initiated, all to create a bigger buzz to their now-fishy IMF.

        It’s sad that it’s come to this, I didn’t realize that it’s come to a point when organizers argue with potential patrons. Oh well, they better let RHCP bring it.

  13. Az says:

    What I dont like about the organizers is that they presold tickets without even a solid lineup. Its like a real estate agent pre-selling a condo without even committing to plans and specs.

    “Hey im pre-selling this condo unit, but im not sure if its a studio, 1 bed-room or a penthouse unit, just buy now and lets see how many people will buy and lets see from there.”

    What pissed me off too is the fact they were putting lyrics of Kanye, Drake etc in their social media sites…

    If youre gonna organize something like this, have some balls and cough up enough capital to bring the artists here. Not hype it all up and pre-sell.

    • I wasted money on this shit says:

      I fell for this bait-and-switch tactic of theirs. The teaser rate was too tempting if compared with the ultra-high regular price.

      If anyone knows anyone or is from DTI, please look into this issue. I don’t care if the company denies the use of such tactic, but whatever they did (and did not do) was in bad faith.

      I mean, look at the number of people who actually bought tickets and feel cheated.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the producers of 7107 just bit more than they could chew. This would’ve been a great festival if they started small and progress through the years. This was their one opportunity to achieve this, instead they tainted their company’s name possibly for good. Natakaw masyado yung mga produces ng event na to. Sayang.

  15. Alexa Ramos says:

    They should’ve started small. Like all music festivals. 7107 was just too ambitious, too greedy.

    And what’s with the organizers replying to almost each and every hater tweet regarding 7107?? Then blocking them. Lots of time on their hands e? That is SO MATURE.

    • Anon says:

      “If you can air your opinion, we can air ours.” – Tina Herrera (twitter)

      What a sad excuse for a producer.

      • Shirley says:

        Tsk. Some members of their team seem to be handling the whole issue by acting like entitled burgeoisie hipsters, which, incidentally, will probably make up for 50% of the crowd.

    • I wasted money on this shit says:

      They probably think their snarky replies make them cool. Rude ain’t cool. Especially when you’re a producer addressing your potential patrons.

      I think what fuels negative conversation about this event right now is the way the producers are handling issues. Poor damage control, poor customer service, poor ethics. These people need a slap in the face.

  16. Pfft says:

    This reminds me of Smash Project. All hype but no artists after all. The entire event got cancelled though and tickets were refunded after DTI was involved. 7107 should’ve started small with a few but solid line up. I know it’s good to support local and all but the “international” label just doesn’t sound right when there are more local acts that international. Have you guys heard of Pulp Summer Slam? They started small and every year they add an international artist. Now they have at least 7 international artists with full sets and 4-5 local bands. Tickets are dirt cheap at 400+ and VIP’s are 5000+. Now that’s how you should invest for a concert you’d want people to go at and appreciate.

    • Onna says:

      Pulp Summer Slam may have suffered a few setbacks before but definitely they learned a lot from it because look at them now. They’re still here since 2001. And they are the one who promoted local talent 1st. Their 1st concert was purely local artists. Then year by year they expand and here they are. Aside, from that the ticket price wouldn’t cost you an arm and leg then of course the free booze that came with it!!

  17. Michiko says:

    I’m a huge fan of RHCP so I grabbed the opportunity when they gave out discount last Christmas. I was hoping to see more international acts since they called it the first international music festival here in the Phils, but the list isn’t even half of the number of performers. Now, my only consolation is if they let the RHCP play for around 3 to 4 hours…but if it will just be 3 or 4 songs..then the hell with them! They should have done what the organizers of the concert that headlined Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, and Sonic Youth did way back then…no hype up..just straight up info about these bands and all the concert goers went home happy because it was worth it! This was probably one of the best concerts I’ve seen that was held here in the Phils.

  18. […] and, perhaps, shady event. (A couple of blog entries I’ve seen about this here and here. I’m sure there’s more; drop me a comment with a link if you see […]

  19. Andrea L says:

    I cannot believe you called Kendrick Lamar a ‘consolation’. Kendrick Lamar is the man, i’d rather see him than red hot chilli. If you are a music lover then you will go there for the music — you’re pretty much saying that people shouldn’t have bothered buying tickets when they didn’t know if any famous acts were sure to be attached, right? and that just sucks because what about the other indie/underground/unknown acts in the line up? They would still be great performers and they need their break. Sure you’re paying to see the acts but if you’re with good mates and you enjoy music in all of its forms/genres then you’ll have a good time and it won’t be a waste of money. I still can’t believe you made Kendrick sound like he’s no big deal. He is a fucking big deal and a great hiphop artist. Here in New Zealand the biggest music festivals are The Big Day Out, RnV, La De Da and Laneway Festival, these events still sell out even if the international acts aren’t that popular here or most of the performers are local artists because most of us just want to have a great time with our friends + good music.
    I get what you’re saying, that people shouldn’t have taken the bait and so they don’t have to whine about how they’ve been duped when the ‘underwhelming’ (again, Kendrick, hellloooo) line up was announced but you know, people just have to suck it up, go to the event, support local bands playing before the main acts and have a great time.

    • NGT says:

      Uhm, I think the author meant well when s/he called Kendrick a “consolation.”

      Do you even know what that word means? What the author tried to say was that Kendrick was that big of a musician to console [some of]the disappointed public.

    • Nine says:

      I also read the article with the understanding that the author describing Kendrick as a consolation was complimenting him in some way. 🙂

  20. Andrea L says:

    I feel like i should add i was directing the previous comment at the people whining — not you, this was just my outlet. The only part that was for you there was the Kendrick thing, other than that I agree with you.. i just didn’t word my previous comment correctly because i found myself fuming at the people with tickets.

  21. NGT says:

    Allow me to quote a comment I saw in another 7107 thread:

    “Ang drama mo! Kahit 3K hindi worth it yun kung hindi yun ang gusto mong panoorin! International music festival ang binandera ng mga organizers…”

    It’s different for everyone. Let the disappointed people grieve. Let’s agree to disagree.

  22. NGT says:

    My comment was for Andrea’s post

  23. chrstnkng says:

    An event is only as good as the people behind the doors.
    And these are the people running it….

  24. GTS says:

    Here’s an unbiased question to Minimum Compliance …. with this opinion of yours about 7107 , i would like to know if you have ever set up / organized an event that deals with international artists matched with local artists? A simple answer of YES or NO will do.

    Looking forward to your reply with no intention of rant / harm intended.

  25. GTS says:

    Dear MinimumCompliance, i am surprise with your reply that you had to defend before you answer the question. Why is that? From the start i set the platform that it is an unbiased question and at the same time ruled it out as a flame bait. A little disappointed as i thought i can get a good conversation out of it and not just rants/flames. But none the less, i still thank you for replying.

    Please read my question carefully. My question was; Have you organized an event that deals with International Artists matched with local artists. I never asked about organizing an International Music Festival. These are two different scenarios that i am asking. i believe you let your emotions answer the question first before understanding and then answering. Just CMIIW.

    It also seems that you made a little research which is good but not accurate as you what you claim is again not confirmed and with no writing. So that makes me think a little bit deeper on the credibility of what you claim on this blog.

    You’re welcome. I take time reading blogs from all sorts of topics.

    • Emerald says:

      Claiming your question is unbiased doesn’t actually make it true, just like adding a smiley at the end of a condescending sentence doesn’t make it less arrogant.:)

      It’s interesting that the author implied you were associated with the 7107 organizers are you didn’t deny it. Trying to discredit the person who wrote this post doesn’t change the number of people who feel disappointed with how their complaints are being handled, or, as Twitter reveals, not being handled at all.

      • GTS says:

        Emerald, thank you for your comment and i can respect your opinion on your first line of reply.

        However, my intention was NEVER To change how people feel who were disappointed on how they were handled. Hope that is clear.

        I also did not deny nor admit anything as clearly the claims are neither clear nor with reference to where exactly the author is directing at. that is why i didn’t address it. it would be rude (for me) to assume for the author of this blog is pointing at as i may have reacted to what “maybe” a different understanding and make this engagements go out of control. I wouldn’t want that and its not my intention.

    • Dear GTS (IP address:

      Your position as part of 7107 rids you of your “unbiased” tag.

      And to answer your question, I have never “organized an event that deals with International Artists matched with local artists.”

      You were trying to set up that line of questioning for something, and I look forward to where it’s going. But to the rest of the world, what you are doing here is the same thing you’ve been doing elsewhere: bullying people.

      Thassogay, man.

      You can try to question my “little research” and try to taint my credibility. But for your own sake, stop attacking every single non-positive reaction there is about 7107. This blog, like the rest of the reactions your people wish to suppress, were born not of frustration nor ignorance. They were born out of our collective desire for fairness and justice.

      Now, you can spend your time on my blog, blocking people from Twitter, or even erasing negative comments on your Facebook page. But frankly, if I were you, I’d rather prepare your explanation to the DTI as to why you’re holding promos and “hunts” without the proper permits from the government.

      That’s a more fruitful endeavor, don’t you think?

      • GTS says:

        Dear MinimalCompliance, please do enlighten me with my position with 7107. It seems that you know more than i do. I would also like to question why do you need to post my IP address? Not that i am complaining but wondering where are you getting at.

        I don’t attack the Negative Opinions / Reactions about 7107… Ive always welcomed constructive criticisms. In fact, its good to know what people feel about a certain event / scene / issue from different angles. I also had disappointments with the line up believe it or not. But to each his/her own. It would be interesting to know these positive and negative feedbacks because 1. learnings 2. improvements. 3. engagements

        But do tell me who did i bully? Elsewhere? These are bold claims.

        Now about your comment on the explanation to DTI, are you now referring to me personally or promos by 7107? Because i have nothing to do with the promos of 7107. If you are referring to the “hunts” not related to 7107, i find it rather amusing that you shifted away from the topic. It is a fruitful endeavor as i got my papers and permits which id like to post for the sake of argument. But that will own you and that is clearly not my intention from the start.

        This is a good read MinimalCompliance in fact very interesting also. But the engagements is where i feel you need to work on as time goes by. Just an advise, you may take it or not and as i’ve said, to each his/her own.

  26. D says:

    I think I kinda understand when some people feel they were robbed after purchasing tickets to a line up they’re not happy about, after all it’s not cheap. But I also think it’s the kind of risk an “early bird” buyer is presented with. So lesson learned.

    On an international note, bigger music festivals like those in Europe (e.g. Glastonbury, Tomorrowland etc), don’t even reveal their lineup up until it gets near the date. And they pre-sell way in advance in which it sells out in a matter of days or hours even. So you’d know lineups are really complicated to deal with.

    More or less it’s the same strategy (new model in the Phils maybe?) 7107 is doing. But yeah they are just starting and they need credibility to establish themselves. And all these bad rep is “presummingly” not gonna help.

  27. Asi says:

    My Dream 107 Festival “Experience”:

    Got the day 2 pass, Yay! 2 tickets, Rakista din naman si GF.
    Tsaka yung parking pass, BOO! 300? valet parking kaya to?
    Yun lang afford ko, plus, di naman ako interested sa Day 1 –
    Happy Happy Joy Joy! RHCP!!!

    Go on the web to find more info on the festival.
    Hmm… Maraming negative energy sa twitter. h8terz. hehe. RHCP!!!
    Google map nang Clark logistics city. hmmm…puro talahib, mukhang under construction pa lang. Teka, may photos sa What?! Talahib pa rin? Mukhang BGC lang ah. Sana may bubong ang venue. (Asa pa) Di bale, Rakenrol pa rin.. RHCP!!!

    Iwas muna sa negative vibes sa twitter.

    (weeks pass by..)

    7am,May pabaon si nanay, Tuna sandwich. para daw di kami magutom. Sinundo ko si GF sa house nila. Drive to Clark. Excited…RHCP!!!
    Brunch sa Mcdo sa NLEX para makatipid Bili na rin nang C2 sa gas station. Tsaka mineral water, Wilkins, 1.5 liter para sulit.
    Ok.. Toll sa NLEX. Toll sa SLEX. Clark exit…Logistics City-Yun Na!

    Parking…, sarado pa yung gate. Medyo malayo yung parking sa entrance, pero maaga pa naman. Teka, may poster sa gate, katabi nung Bouncer: “No Food & Drinks” What! Sayang yung tuna sandwich ni nanay! Peborit pa naman ni GF.

    Dami ring tao. Mahaba na rin yung pila. Mainit, tanghaling tapat. Nakikisilong kami ni GF sa payong ni Bonel, isang malaking goth na bading. Yung C2 ininom na namin habang nakapila. yung mga sandwiches, kinain namin yung iba. yung iba kinain ni Bonel. Lakas lumamon, parang karpintero. Fight pa rin! RHCP!!

    Pagpasok sa gate, nakita na namin kung gaano kalaki yung venue. Pwedeng pagkasyahin anniv nang INC. marami namang tao, pero sa laki nang venue, parang wala pa ring laman. Sa stage lang may tao, pero pwede kaming magfootball sa luwang.

    Tang ina, ANG INITTT! Puro local bands ang nakikita namin. Ok naman yung mga pero napanood ko sila sa UP Fair. Pwera lang yung rapper. Nakasilong kami ni GF sa lilim nang bakod nang venue. Kasama namin karamihan nang tao, pero may mga hardcore pa rin malapit sa stage. Makabili nga nang mineral water – 50 pesos yung maliit? Whaaa???
    Sige na nga…gusto kong lumabas sa impyernong ito at magpa-aircon sa SM Clark, kaya lang humahaba ang pila, baka isang oras pa bago kami makabalik.

    Nasa lilim nang bakod pa rin kami. malayo sa stage. Nakatulog si GF sa set nang Yolanda Moon. Apat na oras na kami dito, nakakalimang banda pa lang. tsaka isang DJ. DJ sa tanghali? Sinong gago gumawa nang sked na to? Tsaka kailangan bang pasalamatan si smart at spinner at yung limampung media sponsors tuwing hahawak nang mike yung host?

    Kailangan kong magbanyo. So pila sa portalets. buti na lang mas madali sa pila nang lalaki. Si GF, mahigit 30 minutes nakapila sa portalets nang babae. At least hindi naman kami na-heatstroke, yun nga lang 300 na ang nagastos ko sa mineral water.

    Unang foreign band! Woohoo! Suguran yung mga tao sa stage. Pagod at gutom na kami ni GF. Kayo na lang muna manood nang Red Jumpsuit Whatever. Dapat pala alas-sinko na lang kami dumating. Hindi na mainit, Nasa likod din naman kami, wala na kasing lakas si GF makisiksik sa harap.

    Kain kami nang hotdog sa mga concessionaires. Tiba-tiba si manong. DJ na
    naman yung nasa stage. Lanya, bakit ba pinaghalo yung mga DJ at live band?

    Chillout lang habang nagaantay RHCP.

    11pm RHCP! RHCP!!! I LOVE YOU FLEA!!!!!!


    Tapos nagising ako…
    Went online, booked online tickets to Malasimbo.

    • Enrique says:

      I had the same dream, except I was having a bitch fit because what was the logic exactly in making Kendrick Lamar play before Kaskade? Haha, Coachella this thing ain’t.

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