The (mas) kuripot 52-week money challenge: Earning 27k to 137k on barya

A blog post from Kuripot Pinay on how someone can save almost Php 69,000 a year went viral on my Facebook wall today. The premise is simple: start the first week saving Php 50, and add the same amount every week for 52 weeks. At the end, a person will have Php 68,900.

Fifty pesos seems easy enough to keep weekly, but having to add fifty for 51 more weeks it means that every week from October onwards, you’d have to save at least Php 2,000 a week. Bigat!

So on one lazy January day last year, charts varsity Emerald Ridao came up with modified table, showing how much you’d save with a base amount of Php 20 to a maximum of Php 100. You know, for those who have scuttled under the poverty line after spending more than three thousand pesos on that Starbucks planner.

Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks.

Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks.

Saving Php 20, adding the same amount weekly, will yield a decent Php 27,560 at the end of the year. A thirty peso-base will yield Php 41,340, while a Php 40 base will give you Php 55,120. For the more blessed, Php 50 weekly will net you Php 137,800 at the end of the year.

Not bad.

Emerald suggested that if the contributions get too heavy for the bigger amounts, it wouldn’t hurt to slide down a notch or two. For example, one can start with the 50-peso base. But when it gets heavy, say at Week 20, where you have to contribute Php 1,000, it’s perfectly fine to slide down to the 40-peso base, where Week 20 is still just as 800. In week 40, the contribution for the 50-peso base is already at Php 2,000. Sliding down to its equivalent from the 20-peso base demands just Php 800 as well.


We have put together a 2015 Pinaka-Kuripot version that starts with Php 10! Good luck!

Emerald Ridao 52 Week Challenge

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204 thoughts on “The (mas) kuripot 52-week money challenge: Earning 27k to 137k on barya

  1. Sana ung sahod naten tumataas din weekly 😀

  2. Mheanne says:

    bakit nakatotal? inaadd nya naman every week. For example sa 100/week, there are total of 52 weeks. so 52×100 = 5200. Just asking.

  3. jas says:

    now I gets
    masubukan nga ds year . . .

  4. Guys I think what is shown here is the power of compounding. But you don’t have to add another 100 or 20 php to your savings, you just let that amount double itself by placing it in the right savings medium. pm me for details 🙂

    • jaybhe says:

      for mutual or uitf wala hindi nman pede ang starting na 20 or 100 lang db?

      • FinancialAdv says:

        There are different financial instruments which you can use. Its just that You need a specific amount to start. My say is to use what you’ve saved from this 52-week challenge or simply allot a portion of your salary to the proper financial instrument which you can use as a stepping stone. As far as I know, 5K is the lowest starting capital for Stock Market (check MetroSec or Col Financial) . 10k for UITF (Check BPI, BDO, Chinabank, Metrobank… etc – They all have different investment instruments with different starting amount.)

  5. […] “savings plan” I came across while surfing the net earlier today. It’s called the 52-week Money Challenge. Basically, you start with a base amount for the first week of the year and add the same amount for […]

  6. jaybhe says:

    what investment instrument you will be using na pede 20pesos ang starting tapos mag iinterest?kase kung savings lang di naman yun tutubo di b?

  7. kaya mali ung salita na start at 50 adding the same amount a every week at the end of 52 weeks the person will have 68,900. incremental much better..

  8. Ronnie says:

    This looks great! Can someone create a $10,000 52 week challenge like this? I am trying and it’s hard to crunch those numbers. Please thanks….

    • jake says:

      you start with P 320 on the first week.. at the end of the 52 week challenge, you’ll have P 440,960. That’s almost equivalent to $10,000.

  9. […] I don’t even know which one to follow.  Kuripot Pinay was great in taking it up and Minimum Compliance upped it a notch by adding more denominations.  But really the idea came from two people:  the […]

  10. Neko-Chan1324 says:

    Can some 1 create a 2000$ 52-week challenge 😀

  11. […] enough, there’d been other versions of the challenge such as The Mas Kuripot 52-Week Money Challenge. The other versions are created because the ₱50 increment is very difficult to achieve especially […]

  12. nes says:

    paano gawin to kapag kinsenas katapusan ang sweldo?

  13. Ling says:

    Wow! This inspired me to save. I will start next week. (:

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