Raiding the post-holiday fridge

I will not apologize for having that second saucer of fruit salad. 

A considerable number of people are going to flood gyms to write the wrongs committed during the holidays.

Some want to atone their gluttony. Other people (like me) don’t really care.

So as people got back to work, I spent my time raiding the fridge for edibles to combine. I saw my mom’s nine-day old potato salad. Up in the chiller were slices of Majestic ham. I scanned for some maple syrup and found that we had two. Awesome. Now to make something work. Ingredients:

  • Old potato salad
  • A slice of Christmas ham
  • Maple syrup


  • Squeeze a generous amount of maple syrup on the ham
  • Pop in the ham into the microwave for 15 seconds
  • Place ham on top of potato salad

The sweet glaze was a great contrast to the potato salad. The carrots also justified the sliver of fat on the ham. The meat offered some challenge, and to have it in the same bite as the crunchy pineapple bits was an absolute treat. Prep time was a breeze, too.

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